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Massage treatments

Choose from one of our relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Here you will find our offer.

Classic massages

Classic massage
25 Min. € 37,00
50 Min. € 63,00
The classic massage is particularly suitable to prevent and treat muscle tensions and spams, to improve the blood flow of the skin and to simultaneously relax and revitalize the whole body.

Recreational massage
25 Min. € 40,00
50 Min. € 68,00
Sport massages activate the circulatory system. That is, the oxygen supply of the body and it’s tissues is increased, harmful substances, such as slags are better dissolved and excreted, so they do not attach themselves so strongly to the muscles, which in turn leads to a less rapid fatigue. The mental and physical well- being is enhanced by the sport massage that causes so called working pulse amplification. This indicates that the central nervous system is activated as well as the muscle contractions do not slow down prematurely. With the help of sport massage sportsmen are able to better relax and find their way back to their best performance as soon as possible.

Relaxation massage
50 Min. € 65,00
are a lot of pleasant and gentle strikeouts carried out, which supports blood circulation hence it carries away toxins better. Additional stimulation is provided through a gentle aromatic oil of your choice. After a spa massage you can peel your body again from head to toe and will feel really fine. You are one with yourself, find your center, because only from this can you develop new energy and vitality. a wonderful body feeling accompanies you in addition.

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  • Wellness Zell am See
  • Wellness Hotel Zell am See

Combined Massages

Foot reflexology therapy
25 Min. € 40,00
Each part of the body has a corresponding foot reflex point. The sediment in the given body parts are dissolved by the massage. Gentle massaging corresponding nerve points on the feet causes increased blood flow in various organs and the major joints. The self – healing powers are stimulated specifically in these areas, tensions are released, and old sediments get removed from the cells. The result of a treatment almost always manifests itself in a significantly improve well – being of the patient as well as a decline of physical ailments.

Manual lymph drainage
25 Min. € 40,00
75 Min. € 86,00
Is a special form of massage, which accelerates the flow of lymph fluid and has a positive effect on blockages as edema, heavy legs, after operations, accidents and nervous system related disorders. In this way manual lymph drainage supports general regenerations, relaxation and strengthens the immune system.

Shoulder, neck & head
30 Min. € 40,00
These tensions are now beside backache to the problems suffered by the majority of adults suffer from these problems caused by tensions beside backaches. Massaging this area excellently helps to relieve tensions, reduce stress and its regular use decreases the probability that the neck muscles harden again and again.  Do not wait several weeks because the body has a memory of pain. You shoulder, neck and back will thank you.  

Russian honey – plucking massage
20 Min. € 40,00
The honey massage has its roots in Tibet and Russia and is also known as plucking massage. First, the heated honey is massage with pressure. The special massage technique combined with the honey removes salts, toxins and waste products from the body tissues. I addition, the treatment is nourishing and improves circulatory disorders, insomnia and colds. The more this massage is applied, the more vitalized one feels. For prevention and immune strengthening monthly application is recommended.

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  • Relaxation in Hotel Feinschmeck
  • Relaxation in Hotel Feinschmeck